Ascensions Inc. a small independent company bringing you a selection of services geared towards wholistic wellness.

A new change....

In August of 2015, Sandy went into retirement. At this point, Deborah Termath had the opportunity to step in and carry on Sandy's vision for Ascensions Inc. With ten years of Massage Therapy experience, Deborah is able to continue the vision and provide excellent massages at a reasonable price. By adding on additional therapists, Ascensions is now ready to accommodate a wider clientele base and offer more appointment opportunities.

Business Philosophy
Wholistic incorporates body-mind-spirit connection.   I believe that when one of these aspects is out of alignment illness has the opportunity to set in.  At Ascensions Inc. I strive to review research in these fields,  then selecting products and therapies that reflect what this research supports. From organic massage creams to therapeutic grade essential oils, quality products are used by a competently trained, heart centered practitioner to inhance the total wellness of your experience. Don't settle for less!   

The dream began in 1993, when founder Sandy Guttenberg received her diploma from The National Holistic Institute in Emeryville, California for Certified Massage Therapist in Swedish, Shiatsu, Reflexology & Neuromuscular Release and Health Educator. In 1996 Ms. Guttenberg attained Reiki Master Teacher level in the Usui method of Reiki natural healing.  1993 through 1996 Ms. Guttenberg also had the distinct honor of being a part of The Reunion Center of Light located in Pleasant Hill, California.  It was with this affiliation that Ms.Guttenberg knew someday she would begin the loving task of spreading joy & wellness in a location where she could set down roots for a lifetime.  Dedicated to the health of her clients, Ms. Guttenberg continued her education in health care obtaining a registered nursing degree and working for 6 years at Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital and Denver Health Medical Center.  Then in the summer of 2005 Ascensions Inc. was born in Parker, Colorado combining the best of wholistic and traditional training.

Vision Statement
"I believe that the best healing comes from the inside.  When empowered with our own health, we can lead a more satisfying existence with an abundance of energy resources left to spend in other areas of personal, spiritual and global healing.  With this belief as my guide, Ascensions Inc. is dedicated to serving you in  wholistic care."  


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